Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wolf Book

These are from a new drawing book I got which seems to be a kind of miniature Elysian Fields, where nothing I do goes wrong (and that should jinx it.) I'm calling it the Wolf Book, and I've got a plan: Within this book I'm going to, among other things, do a complete visual re-interpretation of Neil Gaiman's original Sandman story arc. I think I'll skip the one-off stories he punctuated the series with and stick to the contemporary arc. I don't have permission to do this, and I consider it a personal art project (I love those stories, but have always bee driven crazy by the inconsistency of the artwork), but it would be cool if Gaiman caught wind of it and was down. I should note that the pictures here aren't really all that indicative of the stylistic approach I plan to take; they're pretty graphic, and I do want to rule out naturalistic rendering. We'll see how this develops.

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